HaLong Fishing Villages

Visit Halong Bay you will see the limestone islands bobbing on the sea with diversified forms, tourists will be attracted by the  occult beauty and magically hidden in the heart of each island. Not only that, while coming to Halong Bay visitors also have an opportunity to visit the fishing villages have existed for hundreds of years on the bay, with ordinary daily life and culture of the traditional characteristics of the fishing population still be preserved until today.

halong fishing village

Fishing villages on Halong Bay

Each fishing village identities and associated with a specific examination of tourism will bring the unforgettable and exciting experience  for each visitor.

each fishing village

Each fishing village

Ba Hang fishing village – a fishing village association model to preserve mangrove ecosystems, here you can experience planting tree,rowing boats with the local fisherman, rent a kayak and discover the village surrounding, buying souvenirs from the local seller.

ba hang fishing village

Ba Hang fishing village

Hoa Cuong  fishing village, a model of fish cages raising with seafood market, the introduction of aquaculture techniques, providing aquaculture supplies and food services.

hoa cuong fishing village

Hoa Cuong  fishing village

Cua Van fishing village – a fishing village self-management models associated with the  Cua Van floating Cultural Center, exploration community activities, preservation of cultural values and the fishing village; catering, accommodation, sightseeing fishing village, visiting the forest ecosystem, hiking the mountain and watching wild animals (monkeys).

cua van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village

Vong Vieng fishing village – a  self-management model fishing villages, fishing with traditional tools, experience the life of fishermen; Lodging, dining, visiting the fishing village; visit the special aquaculture (pearl farming), pearl jewelry; introduce visitors to traditional trade and traditional fishing gear; tourism experience “Fishing with fishermen”.

vong vieng fishing village

Vong Vieng fishing village

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